June 29, 2010

News: COLT Signs Brenden Cage

COLT Studio Group has a new stud in its stable. Brenden Cage is the latest model to join the venerable studio, and the new release Big Load shows him off at his best. In his debut scene, the furry-chested Cage is shown spending a quiet afternoon at home. Of course, he watches some gay porn until he’s got a manly bulge in his drawers. Cage’s perfect mushroom head needs attention, and he’s the only one around to give it. This leads to some major solo stroking until the titular “big load” is delivered. COLT writes, “We think you will find him not only extremely sexy, but also very personable.” Hey, from the looks of his flawless stubble and flirtatious glances, we can’t help but agree! Big Load features an intimate look at Cage and three of COLT’s latest additions, Connor Stevens, Frank DeFeo and Kyle Prescott. To view the preview trailer of Brenden, click here or visit COLTStudioGroup.com.

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