June 7, 2010

Short Takes: Mansize Returns…and More

Mansize is back! Private Media Group has announced the relaunch of its gay imprint with the release of Men in Suits: Fucked By the Boss. The workplace sex drama stars 13 European stars, including Fernando and Fabrizo Mangiatti, Max Summers and Claudio Antonelli, and is directed by veteran Roland Dane. The relaunch follows the company’s acquisition last year of Sureflix Digital Distribution, the parent company of Toronto-based Maleflixxx. Mansize has been around since 2003 and boasts a catalog of 36 films, including Jailhouse Cock, Rich Kid and Desperate Househusbands 2. Going forward, Private hopes to release one new Mansize title a month. Welcome back, guys!…For fans who like to see their porn live onstage, a production of director Joe Gage’s 1979 classic L.A. Tool and Die is being prepped for a July 30 premiere at the Celebration Theatre in West Hollywood (where else!?). L.A. Tool and Die: Live! (A Pre-Condom Comedy) is the title, and Michael Vaccaro and Paul Brown are the stars (wonder whether they are playing the parts of either ultimate daddy Richard Locke or ultimate twink Casey Donovan). Writer-director Sean Abley is hoping to raise some cash to cover the seven-week run. For more information and to watch the fun promo vid, click here.…Speaking of classics, anyone remember veteran porn superstar Paul Carrigan? The screen stud (pictured below) made numerous movies from 1994 to 2004. He later moved behind the cameras to direct. Carrigan was not a traditionally handsome or hung porn star, but he had a beefy, working-class-dude quality that won over fans and critics alike. Now On Top Productions has put together Paul Carrigan: 6 More On Top, which features the manly man’s best wrestling scenes. That means almost four hours of man-on-mat fun with co-stars such as Chaz Carlton, Jason Davis, Eric York and others. For more information, visit ontopwrestling.com.…Finally, in celebration of its one-year anniversary, the FUK!T Safer Sex Kit project has released a new video starring Matthew Rush and Brent Corrigan. Brent’s Oral Exam is the third in a series of public-service announcements and is a tongue-in-cheek spoof on a 1950s sex-education film. It’s even in black and white! In the past year, the Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit organization has distributed more than 100,000 safer-sex kits at local bars, clubs and Pride events. To see the PSA (and some cute outtakes from the filming), click here.

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