July 29, 2010

Guy Candy: Hayden Stephens

Okay, so the first press release we received about COLT Studio Group’s latest Fresh Off the Vine was meant to hype Gavin Waters, but somehow our, er, attention ended up being directed at his scene partner, Hayden Stephens. No wonder—just look at that butt! This superstar-in-waiting has appeared in Overtime for Falcon Studios, Pizza Boy Gangbang and Jersey Score for Jet Set Men (he’s a former exclusive) and COLT’s own Curious. Now Hayden is bringing his distinct brand of suave sexiness to this torrid wine country tale. The release says that these guys are “ripe and ready” for anything. Such wit! In addition to Stephens and Waters, director Kristofer Weston has “handpicked a fresh batch” of hot hunks, including cover model Brandon Bangs (below), Topher DiMaggio, Devon Hunter, Micah Andrews, Cameron Marshall and Tucker Vaughn. Ah, love among the grapes. Tasty! For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.

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