July 8, 2010

New Release: Double Czech: Twins in Lust

Gay porn twins doing the nasty together!? How passé! It was only last year that we were pontificating about how twincest was all the rage. Well, now that it’s 2010, hasn’t that fad been up and replaced by some other more, er, trendy trend? Channel 1 Releasing doesn’t seem to think so as they have resurrected the Richter Twins (that is, Adam and Konrad) for William Higgins’ Double Czech: Twins in Lust. Yes, that’s a sequel to this film, and the bros really outdid themselves this time. Let’s just say that “brotherly love” has never been more…oh, never mind. If you aren’t completely sick of twins doing each other yet, visit C1R.com for more information. Next!

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