July 26, 2010

Short Takes: Josh Griffin Exits Biz…and More

Time for another farewell. Porn star Josh Griffin has announced, via our old buddy Rob Romoni’s fab new blog, that he is retiring from the industry. Romoni had an exclusive sit-down with the Jet Set Men star, which just happens to be perfectly timed to the release of their new movie, Locker Room Spy Guy (Josh appears on the cover). “I am currently done with the adult industry to focus my efforts onto my fiancé [model Jordan Santelli] and my full-time job,” Griffin says. “It was a great ride and I appreciate all those that I have worked with, but now is the time for me to wave to the crowd and take my final bow as the curtain drops.” The muscular stud, who has appeared in films such as Tackle, CarJackers and Straight Edge 3, apparently surprised interviewer Rob. “I was so shocked I literally shit cream corn!” says Romoni in his typically hysterical Twitter style. But back to Griffin. He says that Spy Guy will appeal to anyone who “likes truly in-shape guys who like to have a little fun in the locker room!” The cast also includes Landon Mycles, Andrew Blue, Dylan Roberts, Tyler Andrews, Brandon Bangs, Parker London, Connor Habib and James Gates. Good luck, Josh!…Last week, Steven Daigle was hawking a new dildo. Now the reality-turned-porn-star is giving a tell-all interview to Michael Lucas. Where is Babs Walters when you really need the old broad!? Daigle is currently starring in the new Lucas Entertainment release Kings of New York, so he gave an exclusive sit-down of his own. The probing Russian auteur probed deep with this one, covering topics such as Big Brother and the breakdown it caused the ubiquitous star (Daigle lasted just 17 days), the untimely death of his boyfriend and his disturbing dreams about his family (gurl’s got issues). Yes, it’s as dishy as it sounds! To view the emotional interview, click here.…So you think you can dance!? Who cares? Wannabe porn stars, a new contest is asking: So You Think You Can Fuck? Director Dominic Ford is launching a competition that will seek hot porn newcomers. Superstar Matthew Rush (below) will host the first season. Each week, one bottom will choose the name of a top. Together, the duo (one is a porn star) will then spin a wheel of cliché porn sets (jail cell, office, shower) and decide what they’ll do. Then the scene will be filmed and aired. Viewers will vote for their favorites. The show will run for about five weeks on both DominicFord.com (X-rated version for members) and SoYouThinkYouCanFuck.net (G-rated version). The winner gets national media exposure, gifts, a photo shoot and more (once sponsors are lined up). Now get to the gym, guys!

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Rusty said...

Hey, Just stopped by and want to express how satisfying it is to find a blog about gay porn that isnt just twiiter pics and dick-shots. you actually blog about the lives and business dealings with these stars and your writing is a step above the rest.

Keep it up