August 10, 2010

News: DV8 Casting Adds New Talent

Three new performers are jumping into the gay porn pool. DV8 Casting has announced the signing of Trent Locke (above from left), Jackson Kale and Vince Ryan. These latest additions mark a move by the agency to include models who hail from places other than the West Coast (though Locke is L.A.-based). Kale brings his nine-incher from our own NYC, and Ryan (nice pit, dude) is a Chicago native who has worked for Corbin Fisher. “More and more companies, especially Web-based, are popping up all over the map,” DV8 founder, publicist and blogger Jason Sechrest says. “So it’s great to be able to branch out and have more accessibility in multiple cities.” But don’t think that Jason will add just any old porn star to his elite roster. He intends to make good on his word to never represent more than 20 models at the same time. (Does the same rule apply for gang bangs!?) “These performers don’t just get someone to book the work when they come aboard DV8 Casting, they get a manager and full-time publicist,” he adds. To view all of Sechrest’s porn star talent, visit

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