August 24, 2010

News: Jake Cruise Names Third Contest Winner

Silver daddy Jake Cruise has picked another winner in his Be Jake for a Day contest. You know, that’s the competition in which a normal, everyday guy gets to film a scene with a real-life porn star. For this third go-around (here’s the second winner), the lucky recipient is a bearish type named Ash Warner, and he’s paired with diminutive dude John Magnum for an oral scene. “I almost didn’t want to let Ash take my place in this one,” Cruise admits, “but he’d won our contest and was eager to claim his prize.” That prize included worshipping Magnum’s massive arms and legs and, from the looks of the pics below, his toe jam and ass crack! Cruise says that Magnum wasted no time in ordering the newbie around, telling him exactly how to pleasure his numerous bulging body parts. “For his part, Ash is a willing servant,” Jake adds, “servicing every inch of John’s amazing body. John face-fucks Ash, who takes it with a smile, begging John to blow the load right in his mouth.” Sounds like the guy’s got a future in the big biz! For more info, visit

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