August 2, 2010

Short Takes: Landon Mycles Ends Jet Set Contract…and More

A Jet Set man has flown the coop. Head honcho Chris Steele has confirmed to that onetime exclusive Landon Mycles (above) ended his contract with the studio last month. “I don’t like to keep exclusives past a year,” Steele says. “He’s a great kid, beautiful boy, good performer.” Mycles, who has appeared in films such as Getting Levi’s Johnson, Pizza Boy Gangbang and Locker Room Spy Guy, has a few scenes in the can that are yet to be released. Steele adds that Mycles will also appear in the upcoming Police Academy Gangbang. In the meantime, the 21-year-old model has returned to performing under his previous name of Marcus Mojo and just shot a scene for Next Door Male. We have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of Mycles or Mojo!…Another week, another chance to watch porn on your phone. Spankmo Mobile has announced the launch of a live cam product for mobile devices. offers full-motion high-quality video and live chat together on your iPhone. Membership is free to register, and no app store or download is necessary. “We have been working on the best cam solution for some time,” says Alan Westenbroek, co-founder of Spankmo. “It’s a fantastic user experience. We’ll be offering co-branded cam sites with our studio partners in the near future as well.” So don’t hang up, readers.…Did anyone see that crappy sequel to Sex and the City? Was it even possible to make a worse movie than the original!? Well, we’re hearing that Las Vegas–based director Afton Nills is putting together a new gay porn version, and we’re sure it will be prettier than Sarah Jessica. The title is Twinks and the City, and Nills has lined up a cast of top-notch twinks: Ashton Rush is set for the Carrie Bradshaw role; Brice Carson will play the male version of Charlotte; Kayden Daniels will be Miranda (is he a redhead?); and adorable newcomer Jayden Ellis (below) will re-create the role of Samantha. How’s that for typecasting? Ellis, who is 21 and hails from Columbus, Georgia, has previously appeared in Nills’ Twinklight. He tells us that he has three new movies coming out soon and is currently in Los Angeles filming City. “I’m superexcited about it,” Ellis says. “This cast fits their parts to a T! We have a great group energy and play off each other very well.” The tall, smooth cutie adds that he would “honestly like to be able to create a name for myself in the industry and grow not only in porn but as a person in real life as well.” He also revealed that he has a major underwear fetish and cum fetish. “But I get turned on most by somebody who just wants to have fun.” Spoken like a true Samantha! To visit Jayden’s blog, click here.

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