September 8, 2010

Web Watch: Spencer Reed Gets Big

Okay, how freakin’ hot is Spencer Reed!? The mega-built screen stud is teamed with Cameron Marshall in a new scene for director Dominic Ford. Both guys were popular in Ford’s Boyfriend series with their respective porn star partners. (Reed is actually dating Phillip Aubrey, and the pair also worked together in Lucas Entertainment’s Fuck Me Hard; Marshall’s real-life boyfriend is model Topher DiMaggio.) “Both of these guys expressed an interest to me about working with each other,” Ford says. “The sexual tension was hot and palpable, and I felt like I was in the way half the time, because all they wanted to do was have sex, and I was moving lights around!” Well, at least all that good lighting captured every bump and lump on Reed’s now humongous physique. Seriously, dude’s been hitting the gym big-time! (We met him about a year ago, and he was nowhere near this pumped.) And Dom promises that Marshall’s final pop shot, filmed in glorious HD 3-D, is so real that “it’s like you could lean into the screen and blow him.” Let the lip smacking ensue. For more information, visit