October 18, 2010

Short Takes: Bad Boys Redux…and More

Well, this certainly brings back the memories! Above is a pic from Will Clark’s very first Bad Boys Pool Party event in 1998. Yes, Vince was in attendance (not pictured…ha!). But let’s just say that we were all a lot younger and cuter in those days! We can spot classic stars such as Thomas Lloyd, Eric Evans, Dino Phillips, Eduardo (still working!), Jack Simmons and even Jeff Palmer. Plus a couple of models who are no longer with us. Sad face. Our old friend and colleague Will Clark has just launched a new site that covers the history of his many illustrious Bad Boys parties over the years. We have attended these great charity events in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and New York, so we know exactly what went down (and who too!). To check out this fun and historic look back, click here.…It seems like just yesterday (it was) that we were attending the opening night of The Deep Throat Sex Scandal and reviewing it here. Well, over the weekend, The New York Post reported that last Tuesday, director Jerry Douglas and the cast and crew of the play were locked out of their theater due to a dispute between the theater’s operators and the building owners. Unfortunately, Sex Scandal is a victim of this disagreement as the production cannot gain access to its sets, costumes, props and audiovisual equipment. This makes a move to another theater unlikely at this time. Good thing Douglas has the DVD release of an earlier work to fall back on; his bisexual classic Score is available now. Douglas wrote the original play and the script for this 1974 film version, which was directed by Radley Metzger and featured Cal Culver (aka porn star Casey Donovan) and an up-and-comer named Sylvester Stallone. L.A. readers, there will be a screening of the uncensored version on Sunday, November 7, at 8 pm at the Silent Movie Theatre (611 North Fairfax Avenue), and a Q&A with Metzger and co-star Lynn Lowry will follow. Seven extra minutes of this couple-swapping epic sounds like heaven to us!…Bel Ami certainly keeps on bringing the cute guys. The company has announced the release of Kris & Dolph, featuring former cop Kris Evans and DNA mag’s Sexiest Man Alive choice Dolph Lambert (no relation). The studio says thousands of members of its Web site requested that the two studs do a scene together, so they obliged by having them fuck each other. And pose for a stunning box cover (below). How thoughtful! For more information, visit BelAmiOnline.com.


Baxter's Briefs said...

It's hot,simple as that!

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

I can say with all honesty that I was one of the ones (member of Bel Ami's website, don't you know)that hounded and BEGGED for Kris and Dolph to do a scene together. I felt the chemistry between the two of them would be off the hook. And if my blathering on my blog about this wasn't enough indication? Holy Christfuck! Not only was the photosession that spawned the beautiful dvd box cover a work of art, the sex scene itself was beautiful: sexy, lustful, and intensely passionate. I don't think I could have asked for more if I wanted to. Their scene is included on the DVD (natch) and they posted to their website last week one of the last episodes on the dvd: a three way with my beautiful, Sascha Chaykin. The drool factor on this one is off the chart! ;)Thanks for posting about my lovely BA boys, Vince. :)