October 11, 2010

Short Takes: Comings and Goings…and More

There was lots of moving and shaking going on in Gay Porn Land last week. A number of models decided to announce their retirements—or their decision to keep at it but at a different studio. First up, supercute Bobby Clark (above) made it known on The Tim and Roma Show at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco that he will no longer be doing the usual suck-and-fuck routine with guys (on camera at least). “I’m going in a new direction in life,” he told them. “I’m sure you’ll still see me at events and stuff.” Clark made a name for himself in the past couple of years with his work for COLT, Bel Ami, Cockyboys and Suite 703, among others. (And who can forget this risque jack-off scene with his brother!?) He says that he’ll be going back to school to get his college degree. Smart guy!…Industry vet Trevor Knight also stuck a fork in his career, saying that he would be packing it in by the first of the year, which happens to be when he turns 30. At least he’s giving us some advance notice! The big-dicked superstar has been at it since 2003, appearing for various studios in numerous movies, including this, this and this. He also won a fan-voted Best Top award at the recent GAYVNs (though in attendance, he was mysteriously absent from the stage to accept. Hmmm). Trevor gave his exclusive exit interview to our buddy and fellow Twitter typist Rob Romoni in a YouTube clip filmed at the Jet Set Men offices. He also manages to get in a few jabs at porn star Nick Capra and director Jett Blakk, who made a seemingly staged YouTube video earlier in the week that was critical of Knight. To view the announcement (and the two studs making out!), click here. (We had to tune out once the awful Glee soundtrack kicked in!)…Next, popular Web model Tommy D. will also be leaving the big biz. He has previously worked for Next Door Entertainment, which will maintain an archive of his scenes. “It was a difficult decision to leave something that I have enjoyed so much,” says Tommy D. “But after nine years, there comes a time when your priorities change.” He says that he will return to his full-time job in “the construction sector.” Hawt!…Relax, porn star Austin Wilde isn’t quitting, but the onetime Raging Stallion exclusive and Man of the Year is moving over to Next Door Entertainment, which is the studio that he started with a couple years back. “I’ve loved working with [RSS] and they’re a great company,” Wilde told TheSword.com, “but I was just ready for a change of pace and something new.” He’ll be back on-screen for Next Door early next year to begin his new three-year contract.…Porn star and director Angel Skye wrote to us last week to let us know that he’ll soon be back in the director’s chair. “Sluts just heal quicker,” says the Angel Slut Garden founder, who is prepping for a new production, the elegantly titled Puddles of Cum. He also promises a sequel to last year’s porn/horror mashup Halloweiner: Friday the Fuckteenth. We recently reported that Skye’s ex, Brad Star, is also back before the cameras (and not behind bars, as rumors stated last week). Don’t expect a collaboration anytime soon!…Finally, this next model isn’t coming or going, but he has been MIA. It’s been a while since we heard anything about Kurt Wild (below). Even his late-night drunken tweets have been few and far between. Now, veteran photographer Mick Hicks has shot the married father of four for an upcoming Next Door Studios solo. “After the shoot we spent some time on a houseboat in northern California,” Hicks says, “where I was able to shoot him being the free spirit he is.” And the results are stunning! Even Kurt agreed, writing to Hicks, “It was wonderful to be wild and free and naked and sharing my passion as a model in such a beautiful setting.” To enjoy the full layout, visit MickHicks.com.

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