October 4, 2010

Short Takes: Daigle Is Str8 for Pay…and More

Porn star Steven Daigle is certainly keeping things real as the former reality star stirred up some controversy last week by appearing in his first scene with not one but two women! The onetime Big Brother 10 contestant and gay rodeo cowboy made his “straight-for-pay” debut in a scene for Jake Cruise’s SG4GE.com (Straight Guys for Gay Eyes) Web site. He had previously done his first Web-only scene with Brady Jensen for Cruise’s CocksureMen.com. In the new scene, Daigle is instructed how to have hetero sex by porn actresses Addison and Samantha Sinn (above with Daigle). (Models Aprad Miklos and John Magnum did similar scenes for the site.) The press release states that Steven was eager to learn from the blonde bimbos. “What Jake wants more than anything with his productions is to show the performers having fun,” director Jasun Mark says. “Steven really sold me on this scene. I’ve seen a lot of straight guys who didn’t have sex with this much raw energy.” And speaking of raw, Daigle doesn’t wear a condom for the threeway. Of course, as soon as the news hit, Twitter and the Interwebs blew up. Daigle responded on his own Twitter, writing, “I am not desperate. I am a performer. Suck it, bitches.” Always so eloquent and classy! Fans who fear that Daigle, who appeared in the GAYVN Awardsbest-renting title of the year for Channel 1 Releasing, might be done with gay porn need not worry. At the end of his girl-on-girl-on-fag encounter, he smiles and confirms, “Yup, still gay.” One of our Twitter followers did his best Valerie Cherish in The Comeback, saying: “I don’t need to see that!” Amen.…In more positive safe-sex news, director Chi Chi LaRue is continuing her crusade to keep gay men healthy by filming a new public-service announcement titled “Shut Your Hole.” In the two-minute clip, LaRue is joined by a slew of porn stars from various studios, including Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Mitch Branson, Samuel Colt, Chris Porter and (ironically!?) Daigle, who tell viewers to “shut their (fucking) hole,” unless there is a condom involved. LaRue has previously mounted the “Wrap It Up” and “Safe Sex Is Hot Sex” campaigns. To view the PSA, click here.…In other news, sex advice columnist Dan Savage has launched a new YouTube channel for LGBT youth in America. Now this story isn’t related to gay porn, but it is important and in serious need of attention. Following a rash of recent gay teen suicides, the “Savage Love” columnist has started the “It Gets Better” project. “Many LGBT youth can’t picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults,” Savage writes. “They can’t imagine a future for themselves. So let’s show them what our lives are like, let’s show them what the future may hold in store for them.” Savage and his husband got things started with a video telling the story of their own bullying experiences, and now hundreds of videos from numerous supporters are posted. Unfortunately, we had to suffer through pimply faced bully/blogger Perez Hilton speaking his so-called mind on the subject, but always adorable porn star RJ Danvers (below) has also shared about the “relentless” abuse he endured in high school. To see RJ’s video, click here. To visit the YouTube channel, click here.

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It seems the gays are just as small minded as the straights when it comes to people stepping out of "boundaries" re: Daigle Straight for Pay.