November 8, 2010

Short Takes: Naked Sword’s Golden Moments…and More

Everybody’s getting into the gay porn act these days. Naked Sword, which for more than 10 years has offered an online library of quality films from top studios, is now starting up a business making movies. Golden Gate is the title of its first original production, and the Web series is slated to unspool over five episodes starting on November 15. For this new endeavor, Naked Sword has hired the cream of the gay porn crop: Raging Stallion president Chris Ward in the director’s chair, Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz manning the cameras and photographer Kent Taylor snapping pics. The star-studded cast includes Cameron Marshall and real-life boyfriend Topher DiMaggio (who appear in Episode 1 as a type-A businessman and first-time rentboy, respectively), RSS exclusives D.O., Kennedy Carter, Chris Porter and Rusty Stevens, plus Trent Locke, Jeremy Bilding, Donny Wright, Christian Wilde, Dayton O’Connor and comeback kid Brad Star (above). Each episode, scripted by Jack Shamama and Michael Stabile of Wet Palms fame, explores the overactive sex lives of some homos living in San Francisco. This exclusive series will be available only to members of However, we’ve seen an advance copy of the first episode (and received a Golden Gate commemorative cup filled with an SF magnet and shot glass and yummy Ghirardelli Chocolates. Thanks, guys!), and it has all the scope and magnitude of previous year’s award winners. So stay tuned!…Speaking of Raging Stallion, Tony Dimarco has also been busy writing and directing the company’s big-budget holiday release, Brutal. We’ve already told you who’s in the cast, but now we can reveal that this two-part, four-disc future blockbuster tells the story of a group of guys who meet and get to know one another through a boxing gym. Dimarco says that the movie “explores why men are drawn to violence” and is set against the backdrop of a championship Mixed Martial Arts match. Sounds like Fight Club but with more cock! To see a sneak preview, visit…Maybe destination porn is the next big thing. We go from the Golden Gates of San Francisco to a sleazy gay resort in Florida! Director Dominic Ford has also just announced a new Web series (this one in 3-D) that takes place at Coconut Cove, a popular Fort Lauderdale guesthouse. “I took a little vacation there and invited eight of my porn star friends,” Ford says. “Some are faces you know, and a few are brand-new faces no one has seen yet.” The first installment in his Coconut Cove series features fan favorites Cameron Adams and Cliff Jensen (below). You may recall that Jensen recently won the Best Newcomer title in Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck reality competition. For more information and to see a trailer, click here.

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