December 1, 2010

First Look: Big Wood

Okay, for everyone who has been patiently waiting for Aden Jaric to get with someone else on-screen (besides his ex), here’s your first peek at the box cover for his new movie. Looks like he’s grown some yummy fur in his newly single life! Big Wood is the latest from director John Bruno and Falcon Studios, and it also features exclusive model Landon Conrad, Steven Daigle (who is lucky enough to bend over for Aden, below), Mitchell Rock, Landon Mycles, Jayden Grey, Dominic Pacifico, Zak Blake and introduces newbie Chaz Riley. Believe it or not, these guys play very old scouts (!) who get lost in the forest…or something. Who cares?! Welcome back, Aden. To view a trailer, click here. For more information, visit

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