December 6, 2010

Short Takes: Kirk and Kurt Get Wild…and More


Straight guys can top too! One of porn’s leading gay-for-pay performers Kurt Wild is back in a new scene in which he bangs returning twink favorite Kirk Cummings. The scenario finds the married father of four (Wild) sharing a strange dream with his therapist (a strangely orange Cummings). The wise young doctor decides that Kurt’s subconscious is telling him to do dudes, so he does! Btw, Kirk, who has been taking a brief pause from the big biz, recently returned to shoot for Raging Stallion, Pride Studios and GayCreeps. The onetime American Idol wannabe also opened up to our blog buddy Marc Winter for his always-entertaining Chronicles of Pornia Web site. To read the interview (in which Kirk divulges that he left to get married to a guy named Luis and become a housewife in Colorado!), click here. And for more information on Wild’s mind-fuck of a scene, visit…We don’t usually cover the bareback side of the industry, but some developments over the past week merit mention. Gay bareback studio Treasure Island Media was just issued three citations by the California Department of Industrial Relations, who, following a five-month investigation, claim that the San Francisco–based company violated workplace safety regulations by allowing models to have unprotected sex. A 23-page investigation report states that Treasure Island “failed to write or otherwise establish, implement and maintain an effective exposure control plan. Employees were exposed to semen and other potentially infectious materials, due to work activities during filming and set cleaning.” The Division of Occupational Safety and Health expects to hold a hearing on the matter before an administrative-law judge next year. Treasure Island is appealing the citations but would have to pay a total of $21,470 in penalties if found guilty. Interesting. Does this mean that state authorities are starting to clamp down on unsafe activities within the industry? Could this drive the bb companies underground or out of business altogether? Time will tell.…Finally, on a much lighter note, Los Angeles readers should take note of a new art exhibit in their neck of the woods. Illustrator Robert W. Richards (pictured below with drawings from his recent Glamour Redefined show at NP Contemporary Arts Center in New York City) is having an exhibition of his amazing artwork at Rick Castro’s Antebellum Gallery (1643 N. Las Palmas Avenue) in Hollywood through December 18. We first worked with longtime friend Richards in the mid-’90s when did the portraiture for HX Magazine’s “Porn Star Profile” series (which Vince edited and wrote), including this gorgeous one of superstar Max Grand. Robert has also contributed to Men, Unzipped, Manshots and numerous other magazines, and published two books of his works, Allure and Dirty Little Drawings, through Bruno Gmünder. For more information on the Legend show running now, visit


ryan field said...

I've worked with Bruno Gmünder magazines and I loved the experience. Going to check this out.

Anonymous said...

Wh are they picking at Treasure Island Media? I think they should go after the drug dealers and murders if they want to help , What a grown person does with there body is no ones affair , As long as they are not hurting anyone of consent age.