June 14, 2011

News: TitanMen Signs Two New Exclusives

While everyone in gay porn was busy getting wasted and patting each other on the back at the Grabbys, Titan Media was signing two new exclusive models. Making his TitanMen debut in the upcoming film Sting, 30-year-old Brit Marco Wilson (above) has entered into a multi-year contract with the company. According to a press release, Wilson lifts weights five times a week and plays tennis, too. Can you tell?! “So far I’ve filmed four scenes for TitanMen, all very different,” Wilson says. “Fresh, sexy, masculine ideas always play a part. Joining one of the world’s most recognized adult film brands is so bloody amazing! I can’t wait for the fans to watch me in action and get their rocks off whilst I’m balls deep in another guy!” (Dude must be from England. He uses words like bloody and whilst!)

Also making his film debut in Sting is Hunter Marx (below), who is going the exclusive route with Titan too. Marx is 31 years old and hails from Wisconsin. “Filming with Titan was great,” he says. “They really go the extra mile to make sure that everything looks polished for the cameras. I’m very proud to be a TitanMen exclusive; it’s an awesome status symbol for masculinity, fitness and sex appeal. It more than validates all the long hours spent grunting at the gym.” Marx will also appear in three other Titan titles, including Speechless, out later this month.

For more information on both studs, visit TitanMen.com.

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