July 28, 2011

News: Phenix Saint Returns to Cockyboys

Horse-hung porn star Phenix Saint is back in the Cockyboys stable. After being signed by the popular Web site in 2007, Saint filmed more than a dozen scenes and made a name for himself over a couple of years. The 29-year-old stud then went on to work for other studios, including Raging Stallion and Jet Set Men, but he has now returned as an exclusive model. Saint will also serve as a creative force behind the camera, and the online studio says that in some cases he will even direct scenes.

“I’m thrilled about working only with Cockyboys again for the foreseeable future,” Saint says. “Although I have worked with other companies in the past, there is no doubt that on Cockyboys is where my most memorable and certainly hottest performances exist. This time around not only are they are giving me a voice in how the scenes unfold, but they gave me a creative license to do whatever I want, so you can expect some pretty heavy stuff.”

Creative director Benny Morecock adds, “Phenix just knows his way around a set like few people we have seen. And his no-nonsense attitude really helps get things done and gets the best performances for the camera. Having Phenix direct and help develop the productions will be a great asset to our new lineup of truly unique and exciting original programming.”

Saint has already filmed a threeway with fellow exclusive Mason Star and Jimmy Clay. And a compliation DVD, One Night in Phenix: Tattooed, Tough & Sexy, co-starring Jesse Santana, Andrew Blue and Cameron Adams, is also available. For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.

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