October 21, 2011

New Release: To Fuck a Predator

Jet Set Men is back in the porn-parody business with To Fuck a Predator. The studio that brought us award-winning satires such as Getting Levi’s Johnson and Jersey Score (1 and 2) is now making fun of a certain former hit “reality” series. Hall of Fame director Chris Steele is at the helm of this film that centers on straight muscle jocks cruising online for pussy. But when they arrive at a decoy house in Burbank, they’re greeted by Twitter superstar Rob Romoni (playing reporter Chris Jensen), who dashes their hopes of hetero sex but delivers hot cock instead. Jimmy Clay does his first bottoming scene (for Jet Set) with Topher DiMaggio. Phenix Saint works out his own brand of predator justice on Joey Soto. Brandon Bangs gives a hard fuck to wannabe spanker Riley Price. And Andrew Jakk (now a Falcon exclusive) is all set to get banged by a chick with a strap-on but winds up with buff Spencer Fox. Now that’s what we call a house party! For more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

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