October 12, 2011

News: TitanMen Signs Trenton Ducati

Titan Media has announced the signing of a new exclusive model: 33-year-old muscle stud Trenton Ducati. The studio is saying that the Texas native is “a true cowboy” who has kept horses and rode bulls. Our guess is that the tattooed bodybuilder will be riding cock when he makes his porn debut in Titan’s holiday release at year’s end. “A word to sum up my feelings about working with TitanMen would be honored, Ducati says. “I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the most beautiful men around and have the best possible production team. I definitely feel like an A-lister working with TitanMen. I did my research and I didn’t jump on the first offer. I wanted to make beautiful films, and that’s exactly what TitanMen does.” Ah, beauty. To see more of Trenton and his 220 pounds of smooth solid muscle, visit TitanMen.com.


Donald said...

Hot guy but Christ on a Cracker what a stupid name -

Anonymous said...

zach would have been better

Anonymous said...

I like him he's a great trainer too.