November 21, 2011

Interview Exclusive: Zeb Atlas


Zeb Atlas blew through NYC recently for this event, and was able to catch a few moments with the porn superstar as he made his way to the gym. Although he lives in Las Vegas full-time these days, the beefy bodybuilder has been out on the road promoting his new movie, Zeb Atlas Is The Boyfriend, which he wrote, produced and directed. He also stars, of course, and tops Adam Killian (for the second time). “This is the fourth production for my own company and the first hard-core,” Atlas says. “And I did it all!” That includes doing live shows to hype the film. “Live appearances are the best part,” he says. “I love interacting with the fans. They get very excited, and sometimes they ask me to sign their body parts!”

The fans are one of the main reasons that Atlas decided to move away from the posing and solo scenes that launched his career about 10 years ago and finally go all the way. “I did the tease thing long enough,” he says. “The fans were ready to see me do more.” But Atlas is quick to point out that he has done scenes with both men and women. “It’s all just part of the next step in creating and furthering my brand.” Spoken like a true Kardashian!

As for future branding opportunities, Atlas will appear on an episode of Showtime’s Gigolos series set to air December 8. He also sees himself continuing in the industry but possibly more on the producing end of things. “I like to find new talent and groom them,” he says. “Help them with their bodies.” One thing he won’t be doing is more singing. Even though he warbled with British disco diva Pearly Gates in this video earlier this year, Atlas says that he did it “just for fun” to help out some friends from London. “I’m not that talented vocally,” he says with a laugh. Adds the strongman: “I know my strengths.”

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