January 9, 2012

New Release: Dean Flynn: All-American Man

He’s always been our dream man, but now, porn superstar Dean Flynn is the All-American Man in a new compilation from his home studio, Titan Men. The limited-edition DVD pays tribute to the hot and hairy Titan exclusive who has appeared in numerous titles over the years, including Toolbox, Command Post and Spy Quest 3. There are six scenes from these and other movies here, with sexy co-stars such as fellow exclusives Dirk Jager and Marco Blaze, plus Nickolay Petrov (still in jail!?) and Jay Roberts. Enjoy! And while you’re at it, remember that Dean has his very own Realistic Cock dildo for sale (and it measures 7.5 inches!). That might enhance your viewing experience! For more information, visit TitanMen.com.

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