January 11, 2012

News: Belami Signs New American Exclusive

While we were away on holiday break, other blogs and bloggers were wetting their collective pants over newcomer Mick Lovell. Okay, so the latest U.S. stud to sign with Bel Ami is tall, blond and hung, but does he even shave!? And what’s with the Justin Bieber do!? The studio says that the babyfaced hunk has never shot gay porn before he recently started filming in Australia, Spain and South Africa. So far, Lovell has been seen in a solo scene and photo session, plus a full-on flip-flop fuck with fellow exclusive Phillipe Gaudin. (They also say it’s his first time bottoming ever!) “Mick has been a fan favorite since pictures of him started floating around the Internet earlier in the year,” a Bel Ami publicist says. “It comes as no surprise why he’s so popular as the guy has legitimate movie star looks and is one of the most beautiful men working in the adult business today.” Sounds like the publicist needs to change his Pampers too! For more information, visit BelAmiOnline.com.

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