February 24, 2012

New Release: Tosh.Hole

The queen (studio) of gay porn parodies is back. Jet Set Men, producer of smash hits such as Anthony’s Weener, To Fuck a Predator, Jersey Score 1 and 2, has returned with its latest send-up, Tosh.Hole. This takeoff on Comedy Central’s clip-driven TV show with the cute host, Tosh.0, is the studio’s first gay porn parody release of 2012. Inventive director Chris Steele uses bits from previous Jet Set films, adds in a laugh track and some hilarious outtakes to create hot new scenarios. Think Punk’d without the overbearing emcee.

Tosh.Hole stars Ryan Lynch (top pic) as the hoodied host of a Soup-esque clip show who loves dick but isn’t gay. During a tranny segment, he gets so hard that he ends up topping adorable Alex Andrews. Besides appearing in a flip-flop scene with Dustin Fitch, military man Mick Gibson wrote and performs his own Tosh.Hole tribute song. When Jessie Colter’s favorite video console is stolen, what else is there to do but throw a hissy fit and fuck himself with the remote control?! Luckily his “brother” Drake Wild enters to provide some real meat. And for fans of prison rape fantasies, muscle hunks Tyler Saint James and Derek Fox (second pic) provide an eye-popping example.

“Watching Tosh.Hole could be the first time you laugh out loud while jerking off,” Jet Set Men VP of casting and marketing Rob Romoni says. “Colter’s performance left everyone on the set in tears and covered in sweat.” And Twitter superstar Romoni knows funny! For more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

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