February 10, 2012

News: Twins Are Still In!

Twins are hot! And most of the time they’re gay, right!? But are they hot having sex together? Or in the same room/scene at least? The gays seem to be split on this one. Incest is still one of the few surviving taboos, no? In our recent gay porn past, bros Fernando and Fabrizio Mangiatti got together for Lucas Entertainment in 2007. Milo and Elijah Peters got censored in the United Kingdom in 2009 for this scene they did for Bel Ami. Channel 1 Releasing scored major hits with twin sets such as Luca and Liam Rosso (Chi Chi LaRue directs them in the new sex thriller Spitting Image: Twin Trouble) and Adam and Konrad Richter (director William Higgins put them through their paces in Double Czech: Twins in Lust), but some viewers still got a bit squeamish at these overt displays of brotherly love. (There’s also the Visconti Triplets, but we won’t go there!)

IstanBoys is now joining in to double your fun. The premier site for Turkish and Arab twinks is currently featuring twin brothers Erdem and Adem (above), who end up fucking each other. Lord save us all! IstanBoys also features photos, videos, discussion forums, personals, chat, escort ads and Istanbul gay travel guide. And you get a subscription to the popular Maximo Latino site when you join. Sounds like a must for lovers of ethnic men—and now, fans of twincest! For more, visit IstanBoys.com.

1 comment:

Donald said...

I'm OK with this - They are equals - procreation is not involved - Identical twins are already emotionally close so why not have sex with the person you are the most connected with and finally who is being harmed by this - These boys boning each other has no impact on anyone's life but their own and they share with us - if you don't like it don't watch.