May 2, 2012

New Release: The Last Day

Let’s keep on fucking till the world ends! No, that’s not a sequel to Brit Brit’s latest hit song. But it is the premise of the new Lucas Entertainment release, The Last Day. Exclusive model Jonathan Agassi arrives in Ibiza only to find it deserted. He wanders the empty streets, until he comes across real-life couple Will Helm and Kriss Aston. They explain that everyone has fled the island paradise because the world is about to end. So what else is there for these studs to do but…suck, fuck and eat ass and cum! Written and directed by Marc McNamara with a winning combination of action, adventure and good humor, The Last Day is sure to be a contender come award season. Also starring Damien Crosse (having some campy fun as a crazed villain with a hankering for fame), Rafael Carreras, and Issac Jones, plus newcomers Adriano Carrasco and Bruno Fernando Gutierrez. For more information, visit

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