June 11, 2012

News: Dean Flynn Returns in New HH Scene

Look who’s back and wearing white undies and a white lab coat! Porn superstar Dean Flynn has been sorely missed from the scene for the past two years. Now, he’s back, and Hot House is the lucky studio to land him for the new release Malpractice. Flynn, who has been concentrating on his studies in Chicago, is a former Titan Men exclusive. For his Hot House debut, he’s paired with Trenton Ducati (another onetime Titan exclusive) for a doctor/patient scenario.

In this scene directed by Christian Owen, Ducati plays a guy who shows up at the hospital saying that he partied too much and now his ass burns and his dick is hard. Flynn is the charismatic physician who administers a prostate exam (natch!), which reveals a metal butt plug. That must have been some party! Once the plug is out, the doc is in! After oral and anal probing on the examining table, the good doc spurts all over Trent’s muscled chest, then Trent jacks his own healthy load. We hope this was all covered by insurance! For more info, visit HotHouse.com.


jimbo324 said...

...and without missing a beat from the Eric Rhodes obit, we move right along to Dean Flynn who, let the trumpets blare: has returned to the wonderful world of porn. Do these guys have to die rather than retire and get a regular life? We encourage them to destroy themselves with our envy and admiration of their endless parade of sex on camera. I'm not against porn, just amazed at the length of the line winding around the block of young, hot guys who have traded self esteem for the opportunity to f*ck on camera.

dvlaries said...

I've seen this now, and Flynn and Ducati both look wonderful.

But jimbo has an important point. Flynn at least took a 15 month layoff from his last feature out of Titan (Hellions, Feb. '11) and this work. He, Ducati and Landon Conrad are some of my current favorites, but the latter two are turning them out so fast, me or any fan can't really keep up. And they're both (already) showing that hardened look of people who've been at it a long time. I only discovered Ducati late this past spring, and I know -by only now November- I've seen him in more scenes with more guys than I saw of Eric Manchester over an entire four year, two dozen-title career.

Even Sam Crockett -at 51- is now back making them (bareback) for SX Video and Bareback That Hole. He looks wonderful, and I'm glad to see him again, but what's the modus operandi of today's gay porn? If we don't follow our favorites, they don't eat; if we do follow them, they work themselves to death...? Whatever Fred Halsted and Joe Gage had in mind when they pioneered the form, I doubt has much resemblance left in the non-stop factory it's since become.