October 29, 2007

News: DNA Mag Profiles Agent David Forest

Australia’s gay lifestyle magazine DNA features veteran talent manager David Forest in its November issue. In a story titled “The Ringmaster,” writer Rob Marshman calls Forest “the David Geffen, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart of gay porn” and states that the 58-year-old California native has “made more comebacks than Cher” and “helped transform the gay porn industry from a sleazy backyard endeavor to a refined business.”

“I’m elated by this fabulous profile of my life,” Forest says. “There have been many stories written about me the past decade, but ‘The Ringmaster’ tells the tale in the best way I’ve ever seen it told. It’s great that a ‘back-countryman’ [writer Rob Marshman] and Australia’s leading magazine for gay men would be the ones to shine the spotlight on me with such a glowing story.”

The feature traces Forest’s life, from his early years in Los Angeles producing concerts and managing music stars, including Stevie Nicks, Carole King and James Taylor, to his switch to the porn industry, representing such top names as Ryan Idol (pictured with Forest), Ken Ryker and Tom Katt. Marshman also covers Forest’s troubles, such as his arrests on drug charges and his imprisonment in the late 1990s for pandering. The profile comes full circle to chronicle Forest’s recent successes, including his addition last May to the Grabby Wall of Fame and his current roster of porn superstars Mark Dalton, Zeb Atlas and Johnny Castle. But Forest says that “The Ringmaster” is just the appetizer—“a book deal is next,” he adds.

For more, visit www.dnamagazine.com.au and www.forestmen.com.

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