October 7, 2014

Stone Is Latest Cocky Boys Contender


As long as there are cute guys craving attention out there, some will always wanna be a Cocky Boy! Thus, the studio’s So You Wanna Be a Cocky Boy? series continues. Smooth hottie Stone is the current contender. (Tatye Hanson was a previous winner.) The pierced and tattooed dancer from Tulsa chronicles his journey from Oklahoma, sharing his excitement about his first visit to NYC. Besides taking his first Manhattan cab ride (which he survives!), Stone takes us to his debut gig at Adonis Lounge. He also talks about his love of public sex (a date in a movie theater and in his “vehicle”) and how his favorite time to jack is in the morning because he always wakes up hard. Ah, youth.

But things get interesting when Stone takes to the garden of the Cocky Boys estate to work his thick meat and use a Fleshjack for the first time. “Stone has these bright green eyes that really light up when he’s outdoors,” says director Jake Jaxson. And he knows how to time his explosive orgasm to the sound of thunder! “He had such a bold presence on screen that the clouds opened up the second he climaxed and a loud clap of thunder was heard in the distance,” Jaxson adds. “We knew Stone was hot, but we had no idea he could control nature itself!”

In other Cocky Boys news, two films from the online studio have been selected to play at the 2014 Berlin Porn Film Festival. The two titles that will be screened are Fuck Yeah Levi Karter (a documentary featuring the popular Cocky Boys exclusive) and Answered Prayers: The Banker (Part One of the ongoing five-part mini-series.) The films will screen on Saturday, October 25, and Sunday, October 26. For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.

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Nick said...

He certainly is a gorgeous young man. Lovely tats.