November 14, 1998

Event: Chi Chi LaRue’s Birthday Party 1998


Directix Chi Chi LaRue threw her annual birthday bash in West Hollywood tonight. Held at Close UP Studios, the party coincided with the seventh-annual Gay Erotic Video Awards on Monday. Two camera crews—one from England’s Channel 4 shooting a documentary about LaRue, the other filming for Men of Odyssey’s Hard Body 2000 series—captured the sultry doings. The large space, which was a converted film studio, was decorated especially for the occasion with elegant black draperies and silver streamers. But more decorative was the crowd, which included a virtual who’s who of glittery porn stars. Among the guests (pictured above, from top): Ken Ryker; Vince Rockland; Christopher Scott; Derek Cameron; Dean O’Connor; Sam Dixon and David Thompson; Sam Crockett and Max Grand; Sharon Kane; Andrew Lennox and Kyle Brandon; and Joey Hart. Also seen: Chris Green; Grant Wood; Nick DiMartino and Zak Richards; Cole Tucker; Marcus Iron; Hawk McCallister; Mickey Skee; John Rutherford; Lana Luster; Jackson Reid; J.C. Adams; Peter Logan; Alex Carrington; Cole Tucker; Lex Kyler; Eduardo and Sam Carson; Matt Bradshaw; Doug Jeffries; Geoffrey Karen Dior; Austin Black; Alex Stone; Kurt Young; Seth Black; Jamoo; and many others. When things got too hot to handle, the fire marshal showed up to shut down the party (for overcrowding)—leaving the revelers all dressed up with no place to go!

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