February 28, 2000

Movie Review: FULLFilled


Director: John Rutherford
Cast: Kevin Williams, Lane Fuller, Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Drew Damon, Matt Skyler, Luc Jarrett, Billy Kincaid, Dominic Russio, Michel Mattel, Ivan Talman, Alex Wilcox

Kevin Williams is looking for a man, and not just any man. As the blond superbottom pores over the pages of the personal ads—and a copy of Unzipped—in the opening moments of Falcon’s latest, FULLFilled, it soon becomes apparent that he is looking for a very special kind of man, “a hung top,” to be specific. And soon enough, he is working the phones, seeking out a “masseur” who can fit the bill.

Williams is interrupted by his nerdy neighbor (Lane Fuller), who is hand-delivering a piece of mail that went to him by mistake (oddly enough, a gay porn magazine). But cutie Kevin can’t be bothered with the bespectacled geek. He’s in search of big dick, and it’s about to arrive in the form of Unzipped discovery Ivan Talman. Yes, the smoldering Latin hunk who graced the cover of Unzipped last year has taken his act to the small screen. And with his dark good looks, wavy hair and sexy goatee, Talman is the perfect complement to Williams, a porn veteran who still personifies the clean-cut, all-American boy. This perfect pair doesn’t waste any time. They mumble some unintelligible dialogue and then Talman begins feeding Williams his big uncut piece. Williams seems to enjoy the ample foreskin and is soon bending over so Talman can probe him with an oversize dildo. The look of pleasure/pain on Williams’ face and the shared intimacy between him and Talman provide some of the film’s most sensual and intense moments.

After this rousing first scene, Fuller appears on Williams’ doorstep once again, this time to borrow a cup of sugar. The adorable dork is baking cookies and he’s fresh out. Williams obliges, but visiting friend Tom Chase (who is now a lifetime Falcon exclusive—whatever that means) decides to have some fun with the shy guy. He follows Fuller to the bathroom and forces him to undress. But when Chase gets a gander at what lurks beneath Fuller’s shirt and tie, he whips out his huge cock and Fuller chows down. The action moves to the bedroom, where Chase alternately fucks and eats Fuller’s ass. And then, once again, a huge dildo is produced, and Fuller sits on it as Chase lovingly nibbles on his knee. (Hmmm, wonder whether it’s a Tom Chase dildo.) Although the fucking tends to go on for a bit too long in this scene, both Chase and Fuller deliver stirring performances and hefty loads.

As Chase leaves, he tells Williams that Fuller is hot stuff and he really should give him a try sometime. But Williams still isn’t interested; he has another “appointment” scheduled. This time newcomer Alex Wilcox gets the enviable task of massaging Williams perfect ass. After some run-of-the-mill cocksucking and armpit-eating, Wilcox pulls out—you guessed it—yet another dildo, and Williams takes it up the butt. Wilcox then fucks him at the same time. Although this double-penetration shot is somewhat of a novelty, the scene lacks any real spark.

All this dildo play tires out Williams, because he never shows up at the party he’s been invited to by Travis Wade. Not that he’s missed. Wade and six of his big-dicked friends make due on their own with some steamy group sex in what looks like a basement. Guess these boys aren’t into party decorations—but they are into fucking and sucking. We get several different combinations of guys (including Billy Kincaid, Luc Jarrett and Michel Mattel) getting down and dirty as Wade and a very verbal Drew Damon dominate the proceedings. All of which leads up to the highlight of the scene: Wade, Damon and Dominic Russio taking turns fucking the daylights out of bottom boy Matt Skyler. At least no one uses a dildo. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, if you ask us.

In the final scene, Williams finally comes to his senses. After spying a shirtless Fuller jogging down the street, he just can’t ignore the boy next door. He knocks on Fuller’s door and is, of course, invited in. Unlike the viewers, on whom Williams closes the door with a sly grin. Surprisingly, these real-life lovers like to keep some things private—at least for now. We can’t help but wonder whether a sequel is in the works, and considering the fine videography, top-notch production values and hunky performers, you can sign us up. Next time, just leave the dildos at home. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from Unzipped magazine (2000)

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