March 10, 2000

Movie Review: Stryker


Few performers are so well known that they can get away with using just one name. Sure, Cher, Madonna and Prince have passed into that elite club, but they are the exception that proves the rule. And in the adult industry, such a feat is even more uncommon. But there is one gay-porn star who is worthy of such recognition, which is why Jeff Stryker’s new video is simply titled Stryker. Is there any other? After more than a decade in the business, the superhung superstar is still going strong, touring with his play, Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time, and making personal appearances throughout the United States and Europe. But in his latest release, Stryker does something he has never done before—he tackles a dual role. First, there is Furry Jeff, sporting a full beard, stroking in his jail cell and talking trash as only he can. He shows off the muscles he developed in prison, not to mention his hairy pits and rippling chest. This manly man rubs himself with oil and promises to “fuck you like an animal.” But after pleasuring himself, Furry Jeff is joined by Smooth Jeff, a clean-shaven stud who humps the bed and also pumps out a hefty load. So, lucky viewers get two Jeffs for the price of one. To double yor pleasure with Stryker, visit

Reprinted from All-Man magazine (2000)

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