April 6, 2004

Movie Review: The Fuk Club


Director: Dylan Ryan.
Cast: Buck McCall, Cutter Weston, Sean West, Brett Larson, Connor Banks, Lorenzo Vargas, Alan Gregory, Seth Hollister.

Jet Set Sport weighs in with an obvious bid to cash in on Brad Pitt’s Fight Club. Hey, guys, what took you so long? No matter, there are five solid scenes here, including a nice sweaty solo. A narrator introduces each scene, starting with a hot fuck from Brett Larson, who gives his scene partner a good pounding before delivering an amazing cum shot. Pierced Latin stud Lorenzo Vargas get his beautifully veined cock worked in the next scene. The oral is the highlight of this sequence, which culminates with Vargas’s partner taking his copious load in the mouth. (Jet Set may be breaking some ground with this scene, but it will surely appeal to a certain segment of the audience.) The final two scenes include a run-of-the-mill duo and a steamy threeway in which our narrator gets to work his magic in the ring and show off his amazing ass. This scene, like the others, is well photographed and nicely lit. The models are all up to Jet Set’s usual standards and bring lots of good energy and eroticism. The Fuk Club packs a punch. (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

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