March 25, 2005

Movie Review: SkaterBoy


Director: Max Lincoln.
Cast: James Alexander, Darian Hawke, Reece Richards, Sherman Ash, Ben Taylor, Erwin Van Den Broek, Aaron Jones, Brace Levitt, Stefan Andersen, Christian Aster.

Spike (James Alexander) is a British twink with a skateboard and a dream—to win the big competition. And so Eurocreme’s latest, SkaterBoy, goes rolling gaily along, offering some smooth youngsters and average sex along the way. In the opening J/O scene, the energetic Alexander shows off his hairless torso and pierced belly button. But he isn’t alone for long, meeting up with cute skate bud Fuzz (Darian Hawke) for some light shoplifting. When they are caught, hot cop Ben Taylor frisks and strip-searches the partners in crime. Store owner Sherman Ash forces them to pay the price with a steamy fourgy in the backroom. After sucking and rimming, the guys manage a difficult double fuck. Soon there is cum everywhere, including in one model’s mouth. Spike and Fuzz eventually make it to the train station and arrive in Amsterdam for the contest. But first they have sex (including double penetration!) with a little Dutch boy (Erwin Van Den Broek) on his scenic houseboat. Next, the youths decide to buy some pot from bartender JJ (Aaron Jones), who shares much more when they all go back to his squatter’s loft and get busy with his roommate (Brace Levitt). This foursome tends to drag, but director Max Lincoln manages to work a skateboard into the fucking sequence in a very inventive way. (Skateboard sex! What will they think of next?) The newbies then venture to the red-light district and hang out at the Cockring bar, where another bout of nicely edited group sex ensues. Picture quality is good but some of the lighting is less than flattering and, overall, the colors look faded. In the seventh and final sex scene, Spike and Fuzz realize they are much more than friends, thanks to a busted skateboard that almost ruins our hero’s chances at victory. This is a silly and trite ending to a disappointing effort. As usual, if you don’t like the leads, you’re outta luck, as they appear in almost every scene. Production values are fine but don’t seem as high as in SpyBoy or other recent Eurocreme releases. And the voice-over narration, delivered in an indecipherable mumble by the thickly accented Alexander, almost makes us wish for subtitles. (Eurocreme)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2005)

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