November 21, 2002

Movie Review: Slammer


Directors: Brian Mills and Harold Creg.
Cast: Jon Galt, Dred Scott, Billy Wild, Ben, Jake Marshall, Papi Moreno, Toby O’Connor, Josh O’Hara, Riley Porter, Raul Tasco, Chad Williams.

The Titan hit Slammer makes it way to DVD this month. Titan exclusive Dred Scott is as stunning as ever playing the warden of a free-for-all prison. His opening scene with new inmate Billy Wild (also an exclusive) is about as rough and tumble as it gets, but bottom boy Wild holds up nicely under all the punching, slapping and spitting. A close runner-up in intensity is the pairing of Scott with exclusive Jon Galt. These two do it all, and Scott’s amazing physique and skill as a top will leave you breathless. Although he is in three of the six scenes, Scott isn’t the only find here. Jake Marshall and Raul Tasco both deliver two eye-popping cum shots each, and newcomer Riley Porter eats ass with style. Clocking in at a long two hours and 20 minutes, Slammer gives viewers a lot of bang for their buck. The visuals are top-notch, which makes the poor sound quality all the more surprising. At several points the dialogue is inaudible, but besides that minor flaw, Slammer will have you happily chained to your DVD player. (Titan Media)

Reprinted from Inside Porn magazine (2002)

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