September 14, 2005

Movie Review: Flex


Director: Chris Steele.
Cast: Kane O’Farrell, Erik Rhodes, Jason Hawke, Tyler Marks, Ace Hanson, Pete Ross, Alex Rossi, Jason Kingsley, Jason Spear, Solo.

New Falcon exclusive Kane O’Farrell has the luck of the Irish in Flex. The stunning stud with the lilting accent plays a gym owner who can’t help but score with his clientele. No wonder husky Jason Hawke gets comped on his first visit. He also gets a lot more, but that isn’t until the final scene. First, ripped Ace Hanson is on the receiving end of a massage from O’Farrell, complete with happy ending. The energy in this scene is great, and O’Farrell proves to be an expert cocksucker and impressive top. Next, bodybuilders Erik Rhodes and Alex Rossi lift more than weights while Solo looks on. These guys sure know how to use a bench! O’Farrell returns for a nasty j/o scene in front of a mirror, talking dirty as he plans to conquer Hawke’s butt. The big fun begins, though, with a sexy fourgy featuring newbies Pete Ross, Tyler Marks, Jason Kingsley and Jason Spear. Multipierced Ross and tattooed Marks get things started by trading blowjobs while supercute Spear does the voyeur bit. Soon he and Kingsley join in, with the four guys swapping spit and much more. Ross even takes on a large dildo before bottoming for the group. This strawberry blondie holds the scene together, sucking with glee and thoroughly enjoying all the cocks. His eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning as each of the models spurt on him. In the fifth and final scene, O’Farrell finally nails Hawke, following a hot boxing lesson. These two suck, rim and eventually fuck. All in all, Flex boasts excellent picture quality, videography and editing. The muscular cast will win over the bodybuilder crowd. Plus, O’Farrell has a beautiful body and dick, and he knows how to work the camera and his co-stars. Looks like another Falcon exclusive star is born! (Jocks)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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