April 10, 2002

Movie Review: Men in Exhile


Directors: Scott Masters and John Travis.
Cast: Jake Hart, Rocky, Robert Collins, Scott Austin, Matt Spencer, Drew Larson, Logan Reed, Jason Hawke, Nino Bacci, Rick Mathews, Michel Mattel, Tom Daniels, Dan Cross.

Veteran directors Scott Masters and John Travis combine their considerable talents in this erotic fantasy from Studio 2000. Adorable Jake Hart arrives at the Inn Exhile in Palm Springs, where he is shown the Corridor of Giants, a group of lifelike statues that sets him to dreaming. First, he imagines the coupling of wonderfully gifted Robert Collins and Scott Austin. Collins steals the show here with a sweaty and sexy pornformance. Then, statues Drew Larson and Matt Spencer magically come to life in a waterfall. The chemistry between these hotties is just right, as Larson and Spencer suck and flip-flop in a beautifully lit and shot scene. Next, Hart cooks up a six-man orgy (Logan Reed and Nino Bacci are standouts, as always) before the ultimate fantasy in which rock-hard Rocky (pictured, top) comes to his room and goes bottoms up. Or is it just a fantasy? There are many highlights along the way, but you’ll want to watch to the end to see the surprise twist finale. It, like the rest of this superb effort, does not disappoint. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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ricci said...

Rocky was one of my favorite stars, he's missed sorely, may be someone could produce the best of..