April 9, 2005

Movie Review: The Diamond Mine 2


Director: Csaba Borbely.
Cast: Rogerio Mateo, Miguel Sabroso, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Julio Carillo, Rod Stevens, Julian Vincenzo, Randy Jones, Fredy Costa.

The gorgeous men of The Diamond Mine are back in the sequel, Legion of Muscle, Part 2. This latest effort from director Csaba Borbely looks like it was filmed on the same island as the original and a few other recent productions. This means that there are more of those lingering shots of hot guys walking around the scenic location. In fact, a full 16 minutes of filler passes before Borbely finally gets around to showing some dick, which is entirely too long for a skin flick. At any rate, once this tale of studs searching for magical diamonds finally gets under way, it lives up to Pacific Sun’s usual high standards. Boss man Randy Jones gets intimate with worker Rod Stevens, flip-flopping until he finds a hidden rock in a hard place. Then three laborers play in a window with a stunning view. Next, beautiful Julio Carillo takes some solo time and produces his own magical juice. Two more built dudes dig into each other before top man Jones returns for a threeway, only to have his hard hat drenched with cum. These five tight scenes aren’t anything new or earthshaking; like the picturesque island location, they are just more of a good thing—solid, well-produced porn featuring a hunky, hung cast. Picture and color quality are excellent. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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