May 27, 2001

Movie Review: SuperCharge


Director: Bobby Dazzler.
Cast: DC Chandler, Jason Hawke, Jake Hart, Jeremy Jordan, Nino Bacci, Rick Mathews, Ryan Scott, Daniel West and Christian Owen.

The latest release from Studio 2000 is noteworthy for two dazzling debuts: stunning cover model DC Chandler (a big hunk of man with a big manly piece) and writer/director Bobby Dazzler (rumored to be an award-winning director working under a new nom de porn). Together, they make SuperCharge one of the year’s must-see videos. In the opening scene, lanky Chandler realizes that he is out of hair gel, so he reaches deep into his medicine cabinet and discovers a jar labeled “Telepathy.” When applied to his handsome head, the gel enables Chandler to read the (dirty) minds of the men surrounding him. This leads to an encounter with a cop (Rick Mathews) who is secretly lusting after Chandler as he writes him a ticket. This first scene is instantly memorable because it is the one in which Chandler unveils his huge, veiny uncut cock. Guys, this you gotta see.

But Chandler doesn’t use his powers only for himself. In the next surprisingly romantic scene, he fixes up buddy Jeremy Jordan with his cute roommate Jake Hart. These two get all sticky sweet and quote song lyrics, but the scene works. Next, Chandler takes a ride on the subway where he reads the mind of Daniel West and is sucked into his erotic adventure with Nino Bacci. This is the most visually inventive scene in the video, and the sex ain’t so bad either.

But things really get interesting when Chandler’s other roommate, tough guy Jason Hawke, gets a hold of the magical hair gel. He uses his powers to bed twinks Ryan Scott and Christian Owen (weak casting in both cases). All this leads up to an intense finale in which Chandler and Hawke vie for supremacy. There is a some amazing videography by Dazzler as Hawke sucks off Chandler in this scene, as there is throughout the video. Dazzler’s script is a clever gay takeoff on Mel Gibson’s What Women Want, and he uses just the right amount of humor to balance the sex. Chandler is a major find, as is Dazzler, and we look forward to seeing more of their supertalents. (Studio 2000)

Reprinted from HX magazine (2001)

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