May 24, 2011

First Look: The Silence of the Twinks, Part 1

What would Anthony Hopkins think!? So Staxus Studios is kinda late to the party with this gay porn parody, but The Silence of the Twinks, Part 1 certainly has an eye-catching cover, no? The Amsterdam-based company promises some of the “most popular Czech twink porn actors” for this new release from director Vlado Iresh. Based on the 1991 horror classic, this version features six sex scenes and focuses on a horny Hannibal who passes up the fava beans in favor of hot young cock and ass. Sounds yummy! Until he starts knocking them off one by one. How many twinks must die before the mad queen is caught? Starring Nicolas Cruz, Mike Cage, Sam Kirk, Marc Roche and Alex Grander. For more information, visit

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