March 7, 2012

News: New ADULT Mag Premieres for iPad

Dominic Ford is pushing the tech envelope once again. As if publishing an interactive iBook using Apple’s electronic-book format wasn’t enough, now the 3-D director has released a new interactive magazine exclusively for the iPad. ADULT is a free monthly interactive mag that features photos, interviews, reviews, bloopers, “whoro-scopes,” quizzes, erotic fiction and even free movies. Ford promises that ADULT is not just about his own site and its content. There are stories about other producers, including Titan Media, Falcon Studios and Corbin Fisher. And Issue 1 includes a feature called “My Favorite Flings,” in which cover model Francois Sagat shares his personal-best scenes, and pictorials of TitanMan Jesse Jackman and Drake Rock exclusive Carter Hawk. Plans are afoot to make the magazine available for other platforms soon, but to download it for the iPad now, visit

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