July 13, 2012

Seen: Brandon and Alencar at Sea Tea in NYC


The ninth-annual Bad Boys on the Hudson cruise sailed last weekend, giving sweaty New Yorkers a break from the heatwave gripping the city. But within an hour of leaving the pier, this horny bunch of passengers was sweating bullets, thanks to a steamy live sex show! Porn veteran Will Clark hosted the event aboard the dilapidated Queen of Hearts. But the guests didn’t seem to mind, as long as they got to watch porn superstars Michael Brandon and Rafael Alencar groping each other and swapping blowjobs (and jizz!) onstage. Also shaking their moneymakers for charity (Breaking the Cycle and Housing Works benefited this year) were Collin Stone, Scott Spears, Lance Navarro and Spike. Imperial Court Empress Witti Repartee was a trouper, manning the raffle segment with a dead mike and no lighting, and DJ Jonny Mack kept those interested swaying to the beat. Until next year—if the ship doesn’t sink by then!

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