June 15, 2003

Movie Review: Frat Boys...on the Loose, Vol. 6


Director: Paul Barresi.
Cast: Anthony Holloway, Dante Foxxx, Eduardo, Gavin Braun, Deacon Frost, Thomas Bond, Ryan Chandler.

Those wild frat boys are once again on the loose, this time in volume six of director Paul Barresi’s popular series. Supercute Anthony Holloway (pictured above) and Latin hunk Dante Foxxx start the fun and dispel the notion that porn stars don’t read books. In the first scene, Holloway is intently studying the subject of the male physique when Foxxx offers him a real-life lesson. They move from kissing to oral as Foxxx savors Holloway’s large and lovely piece. Gavin Braun watches from the sidelines then steps in to pound Holloway’s equally lovely ass. (Actually, it’s unfortunate that Braun tops here as his own butt is a sight to behold!) This energetic scene sets a high standard that the three following ones don’t quite match. Foxxx moves on to an interminable fuck session with papi Eduardo. Next, Foxxx fares a bit better when he eats ass and tops handsome Deacon Frost at the gym. Finally, professor Thomas Bond teaches a thing or two about 69ing and flip-flop fucking to Ryan Chandler, a cute guy with a big, ugly tattoo. The average production values and ho-hum pacing will make you wish that Barresi hadn’t shot his entire wad in the fabulous opening sequence, but newcomer Foxxx bears watching while Holloway proves himself to be a star of the future. (Regiment Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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