November 2, 2004

Movie Review: [2] for the Taking


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Brandon Lee, Jacob Slader, Sergio Anthony, Kyle Lewis, Antonio Montez, Arpad Miklos, Marco Paris, Cade Devlin.

The suburban key parties of the ’70s get a twist in [2] for the Taking. Four couples toss their keys in the bowl and swap more than mates. Director Chi Chi LaRue and Unzipped Video have fun with this gay play on a classic scenario. Four excellent scenes with an outstanding cast follow. A very grown-up Brandon Lee (on loan from Rascal Video) is the instigator of this party game. Hunky Sergio Anthony protests at first, but partner Kyle Lewis is willing, so he relents and viewers reap the rewards. The pairing of Anthony and Jacob Slader is sheer heaven. After beckoning Slader to fuck him, Anthony is taken for the ride of his life. This bedroom scene is primarily focused on ass eating and fucking, and Slader does an amazing job at both. He also steals the scene with his earthshaking money shot. Next, host Lee retires to the bathroom with cute Cade Devlin. Lee has matured into a tasty young man, complete with an elaborate back tattoo. He tops Devlin’s sweet bottom and receives a nice facial from him. Guilty guest Lewis eventually ends up with manly Arpad Miklos in the living room. The sexual tension between these two studs slowly builds into passionate lovemaking. Miklos has a beautiful physique and uncut cock, and he tops Lewis in a first-rate duo. Reluctant Marco Paris gives in to insistent Antonio Montez, and they finish off the movie with a flip-flop scene. High-quality production values—expert lighting, editing and sets (who owns this gorgeous house?)—add to the content. Picture quality is crisp and clear, though we spotted an occasional moire in the third scene. Watch for this one at awards season. (Unzipped Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

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