November 15, 2004

On the Set Report: Junito’s Wet Dreamz of Genie


The PATH train from Manhattan goes directly to Jersey City, New Jersey, where native New Yorker Junito runs Liquid Dreamz Entertainment. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican/Italian started producing porn three years ago, after studying acting and voice at HB Studios and the Neighborhood Playhouse, performing in theater, editing industrial films, working as a graphic designer and running an escort agency. All of which prepared him for his current gig.

The director of Freaky Thugz (2003 GayVN nominee) and Honor Thy Brother greets me at the train and leads the way to his penthouse apartment, where an elaborate set has been built for his current epic, Wet Dreamz of Genie. Junito says the film—which will feature 10 sex scenes and has a 66-page shooting script—is a combination of ’60s TV faves I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched with the story of Aladdin, all with “a gay twist from my own sick mind.”

As an autographed photo of original Jeannie Barbara Eden smiles down, Junito goes to his computer to preview a scene that was shot earlier in the week. It will show off some of the impressive special effects Junito has planned for the film, including extensive green screen work. In the scene, Junito and sexy co-star Dimitri Santiago make like Larry Hagman and Bill Daily at the office as they attempt to keep a pint-sized genie, played by newcomer Anthony Cruz, at bay as he materializes on top of their desks. The scene is entertaining, ambitious and shows a light touch. Junito watches his performance and laughs along.

Today’s shoot will include many pages of dialogue but will also feature a duo with Cruz and porn star Enrico Vega, who arrives bearing chocolate chip cookies he baked himself. Junito is eager to have him try on his costume. Dressed in white harem pants and vest, Vega looks the part of Prince Jabbaar-Ali. However, the turban that Junito had designed for him doesn’t fit. So the director grabs his needle and thread and sets to work. It’s been a long night for Junito. “I was up until 4am putting together the set,” he says as he sews. Vega paces until Santiago pops in. He is in the film playing Junito’s sidekick but is also acting as assistant director and today will be doing camera along with Junito.

Next, Vega’s costar Cruz shows up—late but ready to film his first scene. The 25-year-old student heads straight for the shower. When he emerges in a towel, Junito inspects him and his many tattoos. “His character is from 2,000 years ago,” Junito explains, “so all the tattoos have to be covered.” The jack-of-all-trades director grabs his makeup bag and gets busy. The models chat as Cruz gets his makeup done. Santiago starts to massage Cruz’s legs to relax him. Then it’s time to tuck his braids under a do-rag and put shackles on wrists. After all, he is playing a slave.

With the prep work done, the cast and crew head to the living room where the inside of an Arabian tent has been meticulously re-created by Junito. There are curtains and scarves, swords and pillows all over. Grapes are on a table with two goblets. The models start to kiss and get comfortable with each other. Junito positions himself behind a camera on a tripod and puts on headphones. Santiago grabs a handheld camera and slates the scene. Junito lights a cigarette and begins directing. “Okay, Anthony, feed Enrico a grape,” he says. “Then lay him back and kiss down his body. Take some time when you get to his feet.” Junito had earlier noted a lack of footplay in porn, especially in movies of the Latin variety. It is obvious that he enjoys this fetish and hopes to change all that.

After he is done with Vega’s feet, Cruz begins performing oral. Junito instructs Vega to “look regal!” He steps away from the tripod to grab the models’ discarded clothes. Junito folds the costumes carefully and goes back to the camera. Meanwhile, Santiago roams the set, capturing various angles and adapting to the models’ positions. After about 10 minutes of being sucked, Vega calls for a break. “Can we stop for a second?” he asks. “I have a piece of grape stuck in my tooth and it’s driving me crazy!” Everyone cracks up, and they stop to regroup.

After a brief rest, they move on to the fucking. Vega is handed some condoms and lube, and being a veteran of more than 30 videos, he is ready in moments. Cruz looks nervous but seems to be enjoying himself. Junito and Santiago jockey around each other with their cameras, communicating with a word or a silent nod as the action plays out. Without much prompting, Vega moves through three positions. At one point he complains of a leg cramp, but, being a trooper, shakes it off, changes the condom and goes back to work on Cruz’s perfect ass. After about 20 minutes, Vega cums, hitting Cruz on his handsome face. Cruz soon follows with his first pop shot, and the scene is done in less than an hour.

“Whew! I need a cigarette,” jokes Santiago as the models towel off. Junito, clearly pleased, tells them, “That was the hottest scene yet!” Vega lights up, and Cruz again hits the shower. They still need to shoot the dialogue that will follow the sex. As Junito prepares, he runs lines with Vega. The director and Santiago, another thespian in his nonporn hours, act out certain parts and coach Vega on his readings. When Cruz returns, his makeup needs a touch-up, and then it’s on to the dialogue. This takes longer than the sex scene as the novice actors attempt to wrap their mouths around the intricate dialogue. After about an hour, Junito calls for a wrap. The multitasking director’s work for today is done.

Later in the week, Junito calls and admits that the dialogue was tough, but “it went better than I expected.” Considering all his various duties, I ask him, What is the hardest part of making a movie? “The human factor,” he says. “Getting the guys to show up and perform.” Then without missing a beat, he asks, “Hey, did I tell you I did a remix of the song ‘Dream Weaver’ for the soundtrack?” Yes, he sings too!

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2004)

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