February 23, 2002

Movie Review: The Dark Side


Director: Kris Weston.
Cast: Justin Dragon, Josh Weston, Josh Harting, Tommy Brandt, Jason Tyler, Lindon Hawk, Johnny Brosnan, Jeremy Jordan, Derek Cameron, Adam Wolfe, Jacob Hall, Brendan Falke, Race Jensen.

The latest release from Falcon Studios takes a journey into a twisted world of sexual taboos, where a young lad gets down with the local priest and a son gets it on with his stepdad. It’s all here in The Dark Side. Falcon offers up its usual roster of exclusive and beautiful talent. Justin Dragon, Josh Weston and Josh Harting are all standouts, but The Dark Side credits also call special attention to the debut of Brendan Falke (wasted in a fine fiveway) and the return of Race Jensen, looking bigger and better than ever. What do they feed these guys?

The Dark Side opens with Johnny Brosnan tied to a chair. He is blindfolded and being held for the kinky pleasures of Adam Wolfe, who recounts tales of strange sexual situations that are meant to make Brosnan even hornier than he already is. First, we see the story of a boy (Lindon Hawk) who confesses his sins to a priest (Dragon) then ends up doing him right there in the confessional. Hawk and Dragon perform beautifully in this steamy sequence right out of today’s headlines. Next, five young cuties (Tommy Brandt, Jeremy Jordan, Jacob Hall, Harting and Falke) get off on some uniform/dress-code play. Again, this scene brims with sexual energy and excitement. In the creepy third scene, a man (Jason Tyler) pays a visit to the morgue and fantasies about his dead boyfriend (Weston). If you can get past the context, this scene is also hot and well-performed. Falcon’s favorite blonds Derek Cameron and Race Jensen return for the next coupling, a father and son who play on the kitchen table while Mom is away. Cameron is still as gorgeous and cock-hungry as ever, giving Jensen’s pretty pole a good workout before offering up his hole. This is a winning combo that results in the video’s best scene. In the final sequence, Brosnan and Wolfe finally get over to the dark side themselves, enacting a classic domination fantasy that includes bondage, spitting, pissing and, of course, sucking and fucking.

This scene, like the rest of The Dark Side, will definitely appeal to more kink-oriented viewers. The production values meet Falcon’s usual high standards, although the sound is spotty at times. No matter, this is one trip well worth taking. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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