February 11, 2002

Movie Review: Trespass (Director’s Edit)


Director: Bruce Cam
Cast: Dred Scott, Patrick Knight, Jon Galt, Billy Wild, Tom Daniels, Scott Parker, Jett Adler, Dan Dirk, Makos Servano, Andrew Addams, Bruce Warren, Michael Brandon, Alexandros

Take the classic “escaped convict on the run” formula, add one dashing escaped convict (Dred Scott, pictured above), and you’ve got Titan Media’s exciting new release, Trespass. This two-tape epic from director Bruce Cam follows prisoner Scott as he hides out at a pastoral ranch where the cowpokes are hotter than the midday sun.

The action begins with a radio report warning that an “extremely dangerous” felon has broken out of a local jail. Titan exclusive Scott certainly fits the bill, with his shaved head and dramatic gangsta tattoos. Farmhands Michael Brandon and Jon Galt start searching for the fugitive but take a break and discover each other’s hard cocks instead. It’s not long before they are swapping blowjobs and flip-flop fucking. As usual, as soon as Brandon unveils his perfect 12-inch cock, the scene becomes an instant classic. He and Galt do some hot moaning and each cum twice.

Between sex scenes, we see Scott lurking around, making off with a gun and breaking the shackles that bind him. Now he’s free to witness all the horny happenings at this fantasy ranch. Makos Servano and Scott Parker put on a good show for him, complete with blowjobs, rimming and fucking. Then hunky Alexandros arrives and joins in. These three take turns to great effect.

Fans of water sports won’t want to miss the next sequence, as Andrew Addams hooks up with Alexandros by a water tower. They proceed to pee all over each other, drink their urine and even fill condoms with piss for some extra-special water balloons. Fun!

Dan Dirk and Billy Wild continue the manhunt, but not before partaking in some oral action. Then Titan exclusive Patrick Knight shows up, and Trespass really takes off. First, the handsome Knight frolics in the water with Wild and Bruce Warren, before moving under a tree for a steamy threeway featuring lots of slurping and ass-eating. Knight has all the makings of a successful porn star (face, body, dick), and in this scene he gets a chance to show his skill as a top.

But little does he know that Scott has stolen his clothes in order to change out of his boring prison jumpsuit. Knight gets some new duds delivered on horseback by supercute Tom Daniels, and he engages in another fierce fuckfest, this time with Daniels and Warren. Daniels has a gorgeous body, lightly furred chest and a sweet shy smile. He is also a bottom to be reckoned with. This scene takes Trespass to new heights, and what follows maintains that level of excellence.

After all his sneaking about, Scott finally meets up with Knight and proceeds to fuck the daylights out of him—after some heavy kissing and foreplay, of course. Scott is an impressive sexual performer, and Cam’s camera lovingly captures every inch of his rock-hard body and big dick. He sweats, strains, sucks dick, eats ass and pounds Knight like a man possessed. He also delivers an amazing cum shot all over Knight’s chiseled chest. Sex scenes don’t get much hotter than this.

Finally, Scott uses his purloined pistol on Dan Dirk, forcing him down, spitting in his face and cramming his cock down Dirk’s throat. This all leads up to some intense fisting, which is not for the lightweights in the audience. This is a long, involved scene, and Scott once again comes out shining.

Filmed at the scenic Hidden Springs Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, California, Trespass looks like a picture postcard come to life. Mostly shot outdoors, the film has superb videography and beautiful natural lighting. The cast is extremely attractive and gifted, especially newcomers Scott and Knight. These two will be heard from again. The sex here is gritty, real and at times downright nasty. Trespass may be Bruce Cam’s finest hour. Too bad the product placement for Eros lube gets so overbearing. When you have guys this hot, who wants to look at close-ups of a lube bottle? Oh well, all is forgiven by the time Scott and Knight show up. (Titan Media)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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