May 23, 2005

Movie Review: Ram Tough


Director: Steven Scarborough.
Cast: Alex Collack, Alex Fuerte, Kent Larson, Shane Rollins, Arpad Miklos, Ace Hanson, Jason Kingsley, Jason Hawke, Corbin Michaels.

God bless the working man. You know, the sexy plumber or electrician who enters your home to fix something and soon after enters your fantasies. Hot House Video celebrates these working stiffs with Ram Tough. In five solid scenes, some major studs start to work and end up laboring at hot sex. Exclusive Alex Collack steals the show in the first scene with Shane Rollins. He arrives to fix the sink, and Rollins suggests that he strip out of his overalls to do a better job. Right off the bat, we’re treated to Collack’s gorgeous body and oversize piece. Eventually he gets to work on Rollins’ pipes. He sucks and fucks the now hairy Rollins to great effect. But the best thing about this scene—and all the flip-flopping that follows in Ram Tough—is that after giving Rollins a good pounding, Collack turns the tables and rides him to completion. Both models seem to be truly versatile, and this makes for an exciting start. Kent Larson and Jason Kingsley do the same in the next scene, both sucking and fucking each other, and Kingsley even delivers two copious pop shots. Well-done! Next, muscleman Ace Hanson meets up with exclusive Alex Fuerte. When Fuerte doesn’t have enough money to pay Hanson for his fake ID, he makes up the difference by providing oral services. Hanson looks bigger than ever here, and the camera worships his every taut, bulging muscle. His eruption all over Fuerte’s impressive pecs is a highlight. Jason Hawke and Corbin Michaels satisfy the twink market with their coupling, though they lack the he-man appeal of the rest of the cast. Finally, Arpad Miklos joins Kingsley and Fuerte for some threeway jacking and sucking. Miklos also proves to be a talented top, and Kingsley takes as good as he gets. Picture quality is fine, and the lighting shows off these manly man at their best. Ram Tough will be a tough act for Hot House to follow. (Hot House Video)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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Awesome, fuckin awesome. Thanks for the super revies. Big hairy muscle hugs of appreciation