May 17, 2005

Movie Review: Field Trip: Escape to Catalina


Chad Donovan.
Cast: Antonio Madiera, Chip Nicolas, Jason Hawke, Corbin Michaels, Jason Kennedy, Enrique Velazco, Scott Ryan.

Three college students decide to hit the road after finals in Field Trip: Escape to Catalina. Director Chad Donovan teams with MSR Videos for this entertaining travelogue set in the scenic California resort. Upon arriving, cutie Antonio Madiera opts for a nap while buds Jason Kennedy and Corbin Michaels explore the lovely coastal town. Kennedy is lucky enough to immediately get picked up by Jason Hawke, and they share a stimulating flip-flop scene. Meanwhile, back at the house, Madiera awakens to find sexy stud Chip Nicolas (pictured, top) exercising on the patio. This leads to a superhot jerk-off competition between the twinkish Madiera and the beautifully muscled Nicolas. Great photography and editing build the erotic tension until Nicolas squirts on the window and Madiera follows with his own voluminous load. This scene is a keeper! And it sets a high standard for the rest of the movie to live up to. But these boys do try! Michaels meets up with Scott Ryan on the beach, and they get into some oral and ass-eating. Though they appear to be mismatched (Michaels is very tall and Ryan is very short), the duo manages to create a few sparks as Ryan tops with energy and Michaels delivers the movie’s best cum shot. After his stunning masturbation sequence, Madiera gets to have some actual sex in the next two scenes: first in the shower with Latin hottie Enrique Velazco and then with travel companion Michaels. Madiera tops in both and gets very loud, especially when he pops. What’s not to like? The videography and picture quality for the sex scenes is good, with crisp colors and nice lighting, but the outdoor shots that are meant to show off Catalina look blurry and washed-out. However, this one is worth the trip anyway. (MSR Video)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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Anonymous said...

Madiera is a a hell of a hot and sexy performer, where is he now?