February 9, 2011

Event: Robert W. Richards Shares His Life


One of our favorite artists is going the tell-all route. Or at least he’s putting down his drawing pencil long enough to share some of his wondrous world! Robert W. Richards presents Chapters in an Improbable Life tonight, Wednesday, February 9, at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie Street) in NYC at 7:30 pm. Robert is back with an updated retrospective of a freewheeling NYC gay life that now lives only in memory. Hmmm, wonder whether he recalls his amazing exhibitions, such as this one and this one. And his gorgeous porn star portraits that appeared in HX magazine in the ’90s. The show will also include a live performance by big-lunged lady singer Baby Jane Dexter and a poetry reading from the archives of infamous hustler and porn model Roy Garrett by Brandon Ruckdashel. For more info, visit dixonplace.org.

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