March 4, 2011

Seen: Ralph Woods at NYC Club Debut

Anyone remember Ralph Woods? He’s the onetime Bel Ami and Falcon model who appeared in films such as French Kiss (for which he won a GAYVN Award), Big Dick Club and Some Like It Big. (Oh, and didn’t he have a publicity stunt relationship with this fellow porn star!?) Well, it’s about time the industry veteran made his NYC debut, which he did this week at Le Boyz’s All-Male Cabaret in Midtown. We hear that Woods danced to three songs and then was “nice, friendly and adorable” as he mingled with his still faithful fans. Good to hear that the sexy twink is as sweet (and thin!) as he seems in movies.


Donald said...

He's aging well -

Anonymous said...

He and Pierre Fitch were together for several years - long before Woods joined porn - and were even married (they are Canadian). Lots of porn relationships are stunts but this one is well-documented.